List of accepted papers in ICPET 2020 technical program announced

After carefull review on 44 submissions, the following is a list of accepted papers:

List of accepted papers

  1. Ringing Test for Tow-Thomas Low-Pass Filters
  2. Hybrid Cryptosystem Using Quasi Group and Chaotic Maps Applied on 1D Data
  3. Generalized Space-Time Block Coded Quadrature Spatial Modulation
  4. A Study of Low Complexity Antenna Selection Algorithms for Signed Quadrature Spatial Modulation
  5. Computer-based Detection of Glaucoma Using Fundus Image Processing
  6. Smart System to Avoid Car Accidents
  7. Optimizing solar-thermal collector’s angles to enhance useful energy gain
  8. Vision-Based Sign Language Recognition Equipment for Healthcare: A Smart Headset
  9. Periodic silicon nitride-metamaterials structure for enhanced solar cell efficiency
  10. Theoretical Study of Propagation of Ballistic Electrons through multilayered Structure
  11. Automatic Analytics Model for Learning Skills Analysis Using Game Player Data and Robotic Process Automation in a Serious Game for Education
  12. Color Harmony Classification using Machine Learning Algorithms: KNN and SVM
  13. Cloud-based Internet of Things Approach for Smart Irrigation System: Design and Implementation
  14. COVID-19 Detection from Chest X-ray scans using machine learning
  15. Optical simulations of Graded Index Materials for solar cells model structure, TE case
  16. Antireflection Enhancement of Solar Cell Structure Based on Multi-type of Nanoparticles
  17. Social Networking Sites: The Security Privacy Challenges
  18. Web-based Monitoring and Control of Poultry Farms in Gaza
  19. Design New Companding Scheme to Reduced PAPR for FBMC/OQAM in 5G Communication
  20. Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets Using Supervised Machine Learning
  21. A Comprehensive Survey on Routing Protocols for Cognitive Radio-Based Disaster Response Networks.
  22. COVID-19 Detection in X-ray images Using CNN Algorithm
  23. Challenges Faced by Palestinian Women in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Technology and Engineering During COVID-19 Crisis
  24. Wireless Sensor Network for Traffic Monitoring
  25. Product Recommendation system for supermarket
  26. cJAYA: Cellular JAYA algorithm
  27. An Identifying Wavelet-Filtering Approach for Alarm Process Signals
  28. Implementation of IoT for Sustainability of the Irrigation System
  29. Sentiment analysis of mobile phone product reviews using classification algorithms
  30. Traffic Aggregation in IP based WDM vs. IP based Elastic Optical Networks
  31. Data Mining Techniques in Identifying Factors Associated with Schoolchildren Science and Arts Academic Achievement
  32. Online Monitoring Health Station Using Arduino Mobile Connected to Cloud service
  33. Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Optimized Classification

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